Umpire Has Jurisdiction.

Position On Free-Kick

(a) The side which has a free-kick must be behind the ball when it is kicked.

NOTE - Otherwise the kick must be made again under conditions laid down in Penalties - H.

Referee Has Jurisdiction. Must Kick Ball 10 Yards.

(b) In the case of a kick-off, kick-out, kick from a fair catch, the ball must be kicked a distance of at least 10 yards towards the opponents goal from the line restraining the player making the kick, unless it is stopped by an opponent; otherwise the ball is not in play.

Suggestion. - In case a short kick is made by your side on a kick-off, kick-out or kick from a fair catch, and the ball does not go ten yards, fall on it. Do not let the opponents secure it, as it will be in play if they do, and you will not have an opportunity to kick off again, which you will have if you fall on it before it has gone ten yards.