Umpire Has Jurisdiction of Each Section.

Lawful Charging

(a) Charging is lawful, in case of a punt-out or kick-off, as soon as the ball is kicked; and the opppnents must not. charge until the ball is kicked.

Ball Touching The Ground By Accident

(b) In case of any other free-kick, charging is lawful: (1) When the player of the side having the free-kick advances beyond his restraining line or mark with the ball in his possession; (2) If he allows the ball to touch the ground by accident or otherwise.

After Lawful Charging Ball Must Be Kicked

(c) If such lawful charging takes place, and if the side having the free-kick fails to kick the ball, then the opponents may line up 5 yards ahead of the line which restrained them before charging. In that case, the side having the free-kick must kick the ball from some point directly behind its mark, if the free-kick resulted from a fair catch, and in other cases from behind the new restraining line.

EXCEPTION - If, in case of a try-at-goal, after a touchdown, the ball is not kicked, after having been allowed to touch the ground once, no second attempt shall be permitted, and the ball shall be kicked off at the center of the Held. (Rule 13.)