Referee Has Jurisdiction.

No Interference With Snapper-Back

Penalty, 5 yards.

(a) The snapper-back is entitled to full and undisturbed possession of the ball. The opponents must neither interfere with the snapper-back nor touch the ball until it is actually put in play.

Umpire Has Jurisdiction. Snapper-back Off-side.

(b) In snapping the ball back, if the player so doing is offside, the ball must be snapped again, and if this occurs once more on the same down, the opponents shall receive 5 yards, the number of the down and the point to be gained remaining unchanged. If the player is off-side for the third time on the same scrimmage the ball shall go to the opponents.

Umpire Has Jurisdiction.

(c) The man who snaps back and the man opposite him in the scrimmage may not afterward touch the ball until it has touched some player other than these two. If this rule is broken, the side infringing shall be set back 5 yards and the ball put in play again by the same side that had it, the number of the down and the point to be gained remaining the same.

Umpire Has Jurisdiction. Restrictions When Ball Is Put in Play by Kick Forward.

(d) If the man who puts the ball in play in a scrimmage kicks it forward, no player of his side can touch it until it has gone 10 yards into the opponents' territory, unless it be touched by an opponent. If this rule is broken the ball goes to the opponents on the spot of the foul.

Referee Has Jurisdiction.

Advance Of Ball By Player First Receiving It From Snapper-Back

Penalty, 15 yards.

(e) The man who first receives the ball when it is snapped back shall not (save as provided in Rule 18, c) carry the ball forward beyond the line of scrimmage unless he has regained it after it has been passed to and has touched another player.