A Foul is any violation of a rule. The penalties for fouls shall be as follows:

A. Loss of 5 Yards.

1. Coaching or infringement of any part of Rule 27, f.

2. Delay of game (Rule 12, e; Rule 17, a).

3. Interference with putting ball in play (Rule 16, a).

4. Off-side in scrimmage (Rule 10, a).

5. Starting before ball (Rule 18).

6. Scrimmage rule violated (Rule 18).

7. Snapper-back off-side second time in same down. (For third offense on same down the ball goes to opponents.) (Rule 16, b.)

8. Passing or batting ball forward (Rule 19).

9. Unsportsmanlike conduct (see provision "L," Rule 28). 10. Holding by defensive side of player not carrying the ball

(Rule 17, c).

11. Snapper-back or man opposite touching ball before it has touched third man (Rule 16, c).

12. Piling up after the ball has been declared dead (Rule 20, c).

B. Loss of 15 Yards.

1. Tripping (Rule 27, g).

2. Holding or illegal use of hands or arms by team in possession of ball (Rule 17, b).

3. Illegal running by man receiving ball directly from snapper-back (Rules 16, e; 18).

4. Interference with fair catch (see provision "G," Rule 28).

C. Disqualification.

1. Unnecessary roughness, throttling, hacking or striking with closed fist (Rule 27, c).

2. Violation of Rule 27, a, unless the fault is corrected within two minutes.

D. Forfeiture of Game.

1. Refusing to play within two minutes after having been ordered by the referee to do so. (Rule 12, e.)

2. Defensive team committing fouls so near their goal line that these fouls are punishable only by halving the distance to the goal line in order, in the opinion of the referee, to delay the game. (The referee shall warn offending side once before declaring game forfeited.) (See Rule 28 - K.)