Umpire; Has Jurisdiction.

No Metallic Substances May Be Worn

Penalty, disqualification, unless fault corrected within two minutes.

(a) No one having projecting nails or iron plates on his shoes or any projecting metallic or hard substance on his person shall be allowed to play in a match. If head protectors are worn, no sole leather, papier mache, or other hard or unyielding material shall be used in their construction, and all other devices for protectors must be so arranged and padded as, in the judgment of the umpire, to be without danger to other players. Leather cleats upon the shoes shall be allowed as heretofore.

Umpire Has Jurisdiction. Substitutes.

(b) A player may be substituted for another at any time at the discretion of the captain of his team.

NOTE - When a substitute is sent in he must go directly to the referce and report himself before taking his place.

Umpire Has Jurisdiction. No Striking or Unnecessary Roughness.

Penalty, disqualification. Referee Shall Volunteer Testimony, Also Linesman.

(c) There shall be no unnecessary roughness, throttling, hacking or striking with the closed fist.

Umpire Has Jurisdiction.

(d) A player who has been replaced by a substitute cannot return to further participation in the game.

Referee Has Jurisdiction. No Unnecessary Delay.

(e) There shall be no unnecessary delay of the game by either team.

Umpire Has Jurisdiction.

No Coaching

Referee Shall Volunteer Testimony, Also Linesman.

(f) There shall be no coaching, cither by substitutes or by any other persons not participating in the game. In case of accident to a player one representative of the player's team may, if he first obtained the consent of the umpire, come upon the field of play to attend to the injured player. This representative need not always be the same person. No person other than the players, the officials, the representatives above mentioned or an incoming substitute shall at any time come upon the field of play. Only five men shall be allowed to walk up and down on each side of the field. The rest, including substitutes, water carriers, and all who are admitted within the enclosure, must be seated throughout the game. Breach of any part of this rule shall constitute a foul, and be punished by a loss of 10 yards to the side whose man infringes, the number of the down and the distance to be gained for first down remaining unchanged. See, however, Rule 28 .

NOTE - The Rules Committee especially requests the captains and coaches to use every means to discourage and prevent sideline coaching.

Umpire Has Jurisdiction.

No Tripping

Penalty, 15 yards.

(g) There shall be no tripping.