If you are ambitious to succeed in football do not be a machine player, but sum up every new situation and adapt yourself to it. Do not play your individual position the same way all the time. Vary your style and go at your man differently in each scrimmage. Out of the thousands and thousands of games that have been played there are never two exactly alike. Football affords more complications than chess and does not give the player nearly so much time to ponder. Judgment must be quick and accurate and the man who has a faculty of instantly adapting himself to a situation which suddenly presents itself is the man who makes a valuable member of the team. Conditions constantly arise in a football game which a player has never met before. In such a situation he has no time to go home and figure it out like a mathematical problem; he must act instantly, as would a colonel of a regiment suddenly surprised by an enemy. The ability to get out of a bad predicament or to keep the opponent from escaping, by a piece of strategy, when he gets into straits, is one of the essentials of a football player.