Referee Has Jurisdiction (except as relates to position of players, of which umpire has charge).

Kick-Out After Safety Or Touchback

A side which has made a touchback or a safety must kick out, from rot mere than 25 yards outside the kicker's goal. If the ball goes out of bounds before striking a player, it must be kicked out again, and if this occurs twice in succession, it shall be given to the opponents as out of bounds on the 35-yard line on the side where it went out. At kick-out the opponents must be on the 25-yard line or nearer their own goal, and the kicker's side must be behind the ball when it is kicked. Should a second touchback occur before four downs have been played, the side defending the goal may have the choice of a down at the 25-yard line, or a kick-out.

Positions Of Opponents At Kick-Out

If Second Touchback Before Four Downs

In case of a second failure to kick within bounds the ball shall go to the opponents on the 25-yard line.

After Drop-kick at Goal on First Down Inside 25 Yards,

Kick-off From 10-yard Line.

EXCEPTION - Whenever a side has tried a drop-kick 'or a place-kick from scrimmage at the goal upon a first down inside the 25-yard line and the result has been a touchback, the 10-yard, instead of the 25-yard line, shall determine the position of the opponents, and the kicker's side must be behind the ball when it is kicked.