The football team of the University of Minnesota has long held a high position among the other western teams, athletic relations of an intermittent character having been maintained with Illinois, Northwestern, Chicago and Michigan, and a regular series having been played with the University of Wisconsin eleven.

Among the players who have been prominent as stars at Minnesota are Harding, Pillsbury, Flynn, Schacht, Rogers, Thorpe, Van Valkenburg, Strathearn, Knowlton and Irsfleld.

Coached by Dr. H. L. Williams, the former Yale half back and hurdler, the elevens of Minnesota have developed strongly along the Yale lines of play, to which has been added, however, a series of line shifts and tackle-back plays combined, making an attack frequently after the fashion of a wing shift. As a rule the regular defensive formations are maintained.

While the comparative geographical isolation of Minnesota's location has tended to make the securing of games with the other large western schools a matter of difficulty, there is no institution east or west in which there is a more enthusiastic support offered to its team than is afforded annually at Minnesota.

Minnesota 17