Football has been played at Harvard University since the earliest days of the game in the United States. Mutual relations with Yale were established in 1876 and have been. maintained up to the present. Annual games were played-with Princeton fronr 1877 to 1897- Harvard and Pennsylvania have maintained their mutual rivalry almost continuously since 1881.

The annals of Harvard football redound with the names of such players as Com stock, Dean, Newell, Waters, Lewis, Wrightington, Dibblee and Daly, all of whom are among-the greatest players the game has ever known.

In the offensive system of play in vogue at Harvard, the "tandem" is the most prominent. This formation is usually made up of the three backs, although sometimes. one of the linemen is called back for use in the play, the back left out of the formation taking the place of the lineman in the latter's regular position. The tackle-back play-has also been a feature of Harvard's attack until very recently.

The Harvard defense is what may be termed regular. although the ends play in close to tackle.

Graduate coaching has been the rule at Harvard and the result has been a maintenance of old football styles and traditions which have been little varied in the passing of the years.

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