One of the first of the great western universities to successfully develop football was the University of Wisconsin. Games have been played with all the leading west-ern teams during the history of football at Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Chicago being the most prominent rivals which the "Badgers" have known.

Among the stars of Wisconsin's many good teams were Larson, Driver, Curtis, Cochems, Lerum, Fogg, Abbott and Bush.

Wisconsin early appreciated the necessity for adequate coaching and, in the comparatively early days of the game in the west, 'invited Phil King, one of Princeton's most famous players, to journey west to take up the work of developing her team. Mr. King's acceptance was followed . by many football successes.

As was logically expected, the Princeton system of play was introduced at Wisconsin by King and has ever since been the general style both on offense and defense, King's work being kept up by his own pupils who returned as coaches in later years.

On offense the ends play well out and the backs are relied on to bear the large share of the attack. On defense a strictly regular formation is employed.

Wisconsin 19