To send the le between rg and c, the positions are the same as in the preceding series.*

Diag l3

End between the center and opposite guard.

The instant the ball is snapped the three backs and the ends dash forward for the point between rg and c, in the lines indicated.

C lifts his man back and to the left, while rg endeavors to force his man back and to the right.

Fb and rh plunge through the opening abreast, and close together. Lh follows directly behind fb and throws in his weight as he strikes the line, while rh is followed by re in the same manner.

Le works in slightly to le2 before the ball is snapped and receives the ball from the hands of qb as he passes him; le then turns in immediately behind and between lh and re, carrying the ball in the same manner as shown for fb in play No. i, diagram nine. A flying wedge is thus formed as the men strike the line at the point between c and rg. (See cut B.) Qb falls in immediately behind lh and le, while lt, who leaves his man almost instantly, follows directly in the rear of re and pushes forward as the wedge strikes the line. (See cut B.)

Note. A vital point in the play is that le be close in behind his interferers, and that the wedge, preserving its form as far as possible, strike the line with dash and force.

* See description in diagram 5.