To send le between rg and rt, there is no change in the position of the men.

Diag 14

End between the opposite guard and tackle.

The instant the ball is snapped rh, fb, lh, and le dash forward for the point between rg and rt. Rg lifts his man back and to the left, while rt forces his man back and to the right.

Rh passes directly through close to rg, and, butting the opposing guard with his shoulder if he blocks the way, proceeds down the field and interferes with the first man that he meets behind the line. Fb rushes diagonally through and runs directly into the opposing lt or the extra man behind the line, while lh dashes straight through the center of the opening and rushes down the field to interfere.

Le receives the ball at x on a pass from qb, and with head down dives into the line directly behind lh.

Lt plays as shown in diagram thirteen.

After making the pass the best play for qb is to block the opening between rg and c, to prevent the opposing guard or center from coming through and getting le before he strikes the line.

Re takes the first man outside the tackle, and prevents any one from passing around rt and stopping le before he reaches the opening.