To send FB through the line, between lg and c, the men are placed as in the second series.*

Diag 9

Full back through the line between center and guard.

The instant the ball is snapped, lh, fb, rh, le, and re dash forward for the opening between lg and c. At the same moment lg lifts his man back and to the left, while c carries his man back and to the right to widen the breach. Lh rushes straight through the opening and down the field, making for the nearest back who opposes. FB, receiving the ball from Qb as he passes on the run, plunges in directly behind lh, with his head down, and the ball clasped at his stomach with both hands.

Le, rh, re, and qb rush in behind fb and throw their entire weight against him as he strikes the line, to push him through in case he meets with any resistance. +

Rt slips through the line to the inside of the opposing tackle, without attempting to block him an instant, and takes the direction of the line indicated, to arrive ahead of and interfere for fb, in case he succeeds in passing the line.

Lt and rg block their men.

Note. It may be well for rt to run directly for the opposing rh, and make sure that he is thoroughly blocked.

* See description, diagram.5 + See Note, diagram 1