To send the running mass wedge through the line between LG and c, the halfbacks draw back slightly before the ball is snapped to lH2 and RH2, in a line with Fb, in order to give the ends more time to reach the opening ahead of them, and also to enable themselves to gain greater headway before striking the line.

Diag.4 8

Running mass wedge between guard and center.

Re also works over slightly to the left to re2.

At the instant the ball is snapped, all the men behind the line dash straight for the opening in the lines indicated.

C lifts his man back and to the right, and lg forces his man back and to the left.

Le passes through the opening ahead,* at an angle, and strikes the opposing c with his full force, while re, crossing directly behind him strikes the opposing guard in a similar manner.

At the same moment, fb with his head down and the ball held as before, strikes the opening so made, immediately behind the ends, with the greatest possible force, the half-backs firmly attaching themselves to his flanks, as he receives the ball at x, and forcing him through. Rt leaves the line as the ball is snapped, as shown for lt in diagram thirteen, and together with qb, closes in behind fb. All mass firmly together as before and drive directly through the line.

Lt and rg hold their men and force them out.

* When the ends find difficulty in reaching the opening ahead, they may follow the half-backs as in the preceding play.