To send fb through the center on a running mass play directly behind c, the ends and backs start forward the instant the ball is snapped.


Running mass wedge through the center.

The guards lift their men back and out from the center, while c endeavors to force his man straight ahead of him.

Lh and rh dash in and attach themselves behind c on each side of him.

Fb springs forward at the same moment, and receiving the ball on a pass at x from qb, who slips to one side, dives in directly behind c with head down. At the same instant that fb reaches the line, the ends close in on either side of him directly behind the half-backs. Qb throws himself in the rear of fb, and all push forward with the greatest possible force in a solid and tightly formed mass.

The vital point in the play is that all strike the line at as nearly as possible the same instant and form a tightly massed wedge, which is driven directly through the line.

Note. By drawing the ends in to le2 and re2, they may be enabled to strike the line ahead of the half-backs, in which case the latter will attach themselves on either side of fb as he rushes forward. The wedge must never cease pushing until the man with the ball is actually downed and absolutely held.