To send the lt between c and rg, preserve the same position.

Diag 17

Tackle between the center and opposite guard.

C and RG, play as shown in diagram five.

Rh and fb dash into the opening ahead of LT and take the first men they meet behind the opposing line.

Lt breaks away from his man the instant the ball is snapped and receiving the ball from qb, turns in sharp around him as a pivot and plunges in behind FB and rh, with head down and the ball clasped at the stomach with both hands.

Lh follows lt and plays as does lt in diagram ten.

Re rushes in behind lt and plays as shown in diagram five.

In case lt finds difficulty in getting away clear from the line, Le jumps in and takes the opposing Rt as the ball is snapped, if necessary.

If lt is able to break away from his opponent without assistance, le may follow directly behind lt to prevent his being caught from the rear and to push him through as he strikes the line.

Qb follows lt, playing as shown in diagram five.

Note. Lh may precede lt if it is thought best.