To send lt between rg and rt, there is no change in position.

Diag 18

Tackle between the opposite guard and tackle.

Re, rh, and fb plays as shown in diagram fourteen.

Rh is nearer the opening and should pass through first. Fb will cut in directly behind him, but both must take great care that they break through the line and are not stopped so that they choke up the opening, and are thus rendered of greater hindrance than help to the runner.

Lt leaves the line as shown in the preceding diagram and dashes into the opening between rh and fb, with head down and the ball tightly held under the right* arm, or clasped at the stomach with both hands.

Rg and rt play as shown in diagram six.

Qb and le following lt immediately, and push as shown in diagram seventeen.

Lh also follows + directly behind lt to throw in his entire weight and push him through as he strikes the line, in case he meets with any resistance.

* When RT runs he will carry the ball in the left arm. In this way the ball will be kept on the side farther from the opponents where it will be less liable to be torn away, while it leaves the arm toward the opposing tacklers free for use in warding off.

+ See Note, diagram seventeen.