To send the Lt around the rt, the rh and fb all play as shown in diagram fifteen.

Diag 19

Tackle between the opposite tackle and end.

Re jumps directly into the line and either helps Rt block his man, or takes the first extra man in the line.

Lg and rg hold their men and force them back.

Rt blocks his man and forces him as far as possible to the left.

Qb plays as shown in diagram eight, or takes the opposing Lt in case he succeeds in breaking through the line.

Lt leaves the line as shown in diagram seventeen and carrying the ball in his right* arm plays as does le in diagram fifteen.

Le jumps into the line and blocks the opposing tackle, if necessary, or follows lt and plays as shown in diagram seven.

Lh follows close in the rear + of lt to prevent him from being tackled from behind and to assist him by interference as he rounds the end.

Note. In all plays around the right flank of the line, the rushers on that side must redouble their energy in order to make the play successful. When the play is on the left, the rushers upon that side will in turn block with their utmost power.

* See Note, diagram eighteen. + See Note, diagram seventeen.