To send lt around the right end, there is no change in the positions taken.

Diag 20

Tackle around the opposite end.

Re jumps into the line and helps rt block his man.

Rh starts the moment the ball is snapped and runs directly for the opposing end who has been left exposed, bowls him over, or forces him in toward the line.

FB also starts with the snapping of the ball, and following almost directly behind Rh passes slightly outside of him, helping block the opposing end-rusher if necessary, and then passes on ahead of lt to interfere for him in his run down the field.

Rt plays as shown in diagram eight.

Qb plays as shown in diagram nineteen.

Lt leaves the line as shown in diagram seventeen, and taking the direction indicated, encircles the right end at utmost speed and plays as does le in diagram sixteen.

Lh and le play as shown in diagram nineteen.

Lg, c, and rg block their men.

Note. - It may be necessary in this play for le to jump in and take lt's man, as he leaves the line; otherwise he may follow and assist him as he rounds the end.