To send the lg between rg and c, the instant the ball is snapped Lg jumps straight back from the line, breaking away from the opposing guard. He whirls directly around qb as a pivot and, receiving the ball from his hands as he passes, plunges into the opening between c and rg, with the ball held as shown in diagram one.

Diag. 21

Guard between opposite guard and center.

C and kg play as shown in diagram five.

Re, rh, fb, lh, and le all start instantly and throw their entire weight in behind lg as he strikes the line, and force him through.*

Qb also follows immediately behind lg and plays as in diagram five.

Lt and rt block their men.

Note. - Instead of following behind lg it is often better that Rh should draw slightly nearer the line before the ball is snapped, dash into the opening ahead of lg, and play as does fb in diagram five.

* See Note, diagram one.