To send the lg around between rg and rt, lg breaks away from his opponent the instant the ball is snapped, as shown in diagram twenty-one, receives the ball from on as before, and dashes into the opening with head down.


Guard between the opposite guard and tackle.

Rg and rt play as shown in diagram six.

Rh starts forward the instant the ball is snapped and, dashing into the opening between rg and rt, strikes the opposing i.g with his shoulder with the greatest possible force as he passes through, and then proceeds on and takes the first man behind the line.

Fb crosses behind rh and rushing into the same opening plunges into the opposing tackle or the man immediately behind him.

Re plays as shown in diagram fourteen.

QB, lh, and le follow behind lg and play as shown in diagram eighteen.

Lt plays as in the preceding diagram.

Note. - RH and fb must see to it that they break through the line and are not there blocked so that they fill up the opening through which lg, who is following immediately behind, is to pass.