To send lg around the opposite tackle, lg leaves the line as shown in diagram twenty-one, and receiving the ball from qb, plays as does le in diagram fifteen.


Guard between the opposite tackle and end.

Rh, fb, and lh start for the right end at utmost speed the instant the ball is put in play. Rh runs directly for the opposing le, forces him out or bowls him over.

Fb and lh cut in, in the lines indicated, and passing outside of rt interfere by taking the first opponents whom they meet on arriving at the end.

Re and rt play as shown in diagram fifteen.

Qb having passed the ball, runs at utmost speed by the side of lg if possible, between him and the line, in order to give him protection and assist him by interference.

Le follows directly in the rear of lg to make the play safe and prevent him from being overtaken from behind.*

Lt and rg block their opponents.

* See Note, diagram seven.