To send lh around the right end on a criss-cross between the half-backs, the men stand in their regular positions with the exception of lh, who works out nearer le and slightly back, without attracting attention, to the second position as shown in the cut.


Criss cross half back play around the end.

The instant the ball is snapped, rh starts in the direction indicated, receiving the ball at x, and passing close in front of lh, carries the ball at his left side, so that lh may receive it from him as he rushes by, and proceeds on in the line indicated; lh stands in his tracks until rh nearly reaches him, and upon securing the ball instantly starts in the opposite direction at utmost speed and passes around the right end.

Rt, rg, and re play as shown in diagram eight, fb works slightly to the left before the ball is snapped, and stands still until rh nearly reaches lh, and starting forward as indicated at the same instant with lh, makes directly for the opposing le, and blocks him or forces him in.

Lg breaks away from his man the moment that lh receives the ball and plays as in diagram eight. Qb having passed the ball, stands still until lh has received it, and then plays as in diagram eight, or in case an opponent comes through the line between c and rt, it is the duty of qb to attend to him. Lt blocks his man hard or blocks the opposing rg, left exposed by lg. Le follows lh and protects him from behind as shown in diagram eight.

Note. In all end and criss-cross plays, great care should be taken that the runners do not pass so close to the line that their own men will be pushed back upon them, or so far in the rear that time and space will be lost.