To send fb around the right end, on a double pass from lt, there is no change from the regular formation in the primary arrangement.


Double pass from tackle to full back in play around the end.

The instant the ball is snapped, lt leaves the line, receives the ball at x from qb and starts for the right end, precisely as shown in diagram nineteen.

Le jumps into the line and takes Lt's man as he leaves him.

Re, rt, rg, and lg play as shown in diagram eight.

Qb also plays as shown in diagram eight.

Lh, fb, and rh, all start for the right end the moment the ball is snapped.

Rh runs directly for the opposing le, and bowls him over or forces him in.

Lh assists rh, if necessary, and then cuts in down the field, as indicated, to interfere.

As fb is about to round the end, he turns half around without slackening speed, and receives the ball at about x, on a clean pass from lt. Lt then turns in to interfere on the end, while fb passes on encircling the opposing le.

Note. The pass may be made with equal success to lh; in which case fb will assist rh in blocking his man, and then pass on down the field to interfere, while lh swings out in a course just outside of the opposing end-rusher.