To send the revolving wedge through the line the arrangement shown in the cut is formed in precisely the same manner as explained in diagram thirty-eight.


Revolving wedge from a down.

The ball is put in play immediately, and the entire wedge plunges straight forward, as before, in a closely compact body.

After a few seconds, when the opposing side have massed themselves in front of the wedge so that its forward progress is nearly blocked, the entire formation throws its weight to one side, each man turning slightly in order to face the direction in which he wishes to proceed, and attempts to revolve around the opposing team, turning upon c as a pivot.

The very fact that the opponents are pushing with utmost force in a direction exactly contrary to the original line of advance of the wedge, is of great assistance in performing the evolution.

When the wedge has swung sufficiently around, the rear men may break away and dash down the field with the ball.