To send fb in a wedge through the line between 1 g and c, the play is peculiar in that it consists of two distinct parts. At a given signal to form the wedge, together with an additional signal which shall indicate whether the play is to go through the center or around the tackle, le, re, lh, and rh rush in and take the position shown in the large cut. Le stands behind lg whom he grasps by the hips, his arms only slightly bent at the elbows and his body held well back from lg, in the best position for pushing. Lh occupies the same relative position behind and slightly to the left of le.

Lifting wedge through the center.

Re jumps in and takes the position behind and a little to one side of c, giving qb just room enough in which to receive the ball, and places his hands on the hips of c with his body braced back at arm's length. Rh takes a similar position behind him and a little to the right. Fb comes in slightly closer, to fb2.

As soon as possible after the wedge has been formed c puts the ball in play. Fb dives straight into the vortex of the wedge, receiving the ball from qb as he rushes by him, and rams his head low down between the hips of c and lg, the ball held tightly at his stomach with both hands.

The instant the ball is snapped lg and c press close together and do not allow themselves to be forced apart. Fb shouts lustily "now!" the instant before he strikes the line and all lift straight ahead for three or four seconds, fb pushing with his head. (See cut A.) Then lg and c burst apart, carrying their men with them and allow fb and qb to shoot through the opening. (See cut B.)