The formation is precisely as shown in diagram fifty-four. C puts the ball in play as before, and passes it back to qb, and the entire wedge advances with a rush.


Side play from wedge at the center.

Qb quietly transfers the ball to lh unperceived, under cover of the wedge formation; and as the on-coming rushers strike the apex, le and fb, who has changed his position to fb2, slip by on the side in the lines indicated, to block the opposing rt and re, while lh darts suddenly to the left, passing behind le and fb, and attempts to encircle the end, sprinting at utmost speed.

Note. The ball may be passed by qb to either of the half-backs or ends, and the play made as shown.

A play is sometimes made closely allied to this, in which qb remains in the wedge until after it has encountered the opposing rushers, and then suddenly darts out from behind, with a single interferer, trusting to his speed and the unexpectedness of his appearance to carry him safely around the opposing team.