The men are formed in a wedge shaped as above, from three to four feet apart, with the half-backs in the center.


Hard running wedge with loose formation.

C puts the ball in play by kicking it and passing it back to one of the half-backs, and the whole formation dashes forward at utmost speed without massing together, preserving the arrangement as far as possible.

Each man in the line dashes directly into the opposing rushers as they meet the wedge, while the half-back with the ball, assisted by his fellow, endeavors to slip through the most favorable opening which the open formation shall offer.

The play may be directed straight ahead, or to the right or left.

Note. If the entire formation, without changing its arrangement, withdraws ten yards behind c, and comes dashing forward on the run, c putting the ball in play just before it reaches him, the play may be made even more effective.