And now, those who have followed me so far, will see that "The New Golf " is not so much "new golf" as it is old golf newly interpreted. It is in effect, golf as it has been played since golf was golf, but shorn of the cobwebs of tradition with which the game has been festooned by writers, even as though they were linked in a gigantic conspiracy to put mystery and confusion where simplicity and clarity should be.

Something more there is, it is true, in " The New Golf" than this. There are some modern developments of the game, there is one new stroke, there is the trend of the modern game clearly to be seen, there is, mayhap, some fresh thought, but in the main, "The New Golf" is just the grand, simple old game, taught in a sane and lucid manner, so that any one who turns to it for assistance may get it, and not be bewildered, as so often happens when one turns for help to a book on golf.