The drive in golf as played by the most finished players, really is a somewhat complex stroke. Without in any way joining the ranks of those who seem to see something mysterious in everything associated with golf I may go so far as to admit this.

Whether it is necessary or even advisable for the vast majority of golfers to attempt to mold their form on that of Braid, Vardon, Taylor, Ray, and Duncan, some one or a composite of all, I am not prepared here to argue. It must be remembered that these great players came into the game when they were very young and that use is second nature with them. Obviously it would be futile for some one over middle age, very stout and short, to try to start golf with a swing like Vardon's. It is practically a certainty that for such a person a much shorter swing and much less foot and ankle work would be advisable. Our duty here, however, is to go into the question of driving and to endeavor to make this somewhat complicated operation seem as simple as it should to any one who will take the trouble to master it in detail.