The next portion of the body that we must consider is the left leg. Directly the left heel leaves the ground the left leg bends inwards at the knee in the direction of the ball. All books tell one that it bends in toward the right leg. This it never does, for a very simple yet all sufficient reason: it cannot bend that way! It was never intended to do so, and it will not. If any one doubts my statement let the experiment be made.

The truth is that the movement of the left knee is toward the ball. The knee only goes toward the right leg, when the stroke is properly played, so far as the bend of the left ankle joint and the turn of the left instep will allow it. If there is no attempt to overdo these natural actions one retains one's firm base right across the left foot at the toes and the "pad" of the foot, and has a solid foundation at the top of the swing, together with full command of the left leg, instead of a totally insecure foothold and such an unnatural position of the knee that all the weight is thrown onto the right leg and the rhythm of the swing irretrievably-ruined. We may now for a time leave the left leg and see what has been happening to its companion.