Manual Training Office

Los Angeles City Schools

Kites And Aeroplane Models.

New Year's Greeting to the Kite Makers of Los Angeles:

The Sixth Annual Kite Tournament will be held April 20, 1912, at Exposition Park. The spring vacation will be a good time to design, construct, and try out new ideas. The model aeroplanes will have a much larger place than heretofore at the coming tournament. A number of good plans of kites and model aeroplanes will be sent out during the coming season.

Spruce sticks can be obtained again this year at 1335 E. 6th St. at the Southern California Box Co., in 25c bundles or more.

The Goodyear Rubber Co., No. 324 S. Broadway is carrying string rubber and will have one sixteenth and one eighth inch, very good sizes. Models propelled by rubber bands should be from 20" to 30" across. Do not make the planes too wide, much of the failure of models is due to this mistake.

Two firms in the east are advertising small gasoline motors for model aeroplanes. Models to carry these motors should be from 6' to 8' or more. Models so equipped are operated by cords running to the ground. One boy claims to have succeeded with a storage battery under his arm and an Ajax motor in his model. If we get our model well under control we should be able to carry the storage battery on a wheel as suggested two years ago. No one has reported a success with the clockspring device. A long coiled steel wire spring has more promising possibilities.

Look for advertisements in "Popular Mechanics" and other magazines, for firms carrying parts such as gears, rubber motors, etc. There will be a few events for commercially manufactured models, but these are not to compete with home made.

The usual kite events will be about the same as during the past two years. The quarter mile dash with the use of reels will be used; also an eighth mile dash will be listed this year in which the string is to be wound in by hand.

The "Scientific American" of October 14, 1911, has an article on "How to make a Model Aeroplane that will fly 700 feet". Look it up.

Ask at the libraries for Mr. Collin's books on "Model Aeroplanes". There is a second book out by this author that seems very good.

Look out for ideas in the daily newspapers and at the Dominguez meet.

Principals please post.


Chas. M. Miller.

Manual Training Office

April 12, 1912.

Sixth Annual Kite Tournament at Exposition Park, April 20, 1912.

TIME:-No kites are to be put up before one o'clock, and judging is to begin at 2 p. m.

CARS : - Georgia St., University, Grand Ave. to Figueroa Junction, Vermont Heights or Inglewood on Main to Figueroa Junction.

PLACES: - Bulletin boards will be used as usual - see information, if you can't get located.

RAIN: - If the afternoon is stormy, the tournament will be postponed two weeks.

GIRLS: - All events are open to the girls.

ADMISSION: - No admission fee, and friends invited.

ARTISTIC EVENT: - All kites will be judged for artistic effect no matter where located - must fly.

BALLOONS: - Boys must bring their own balloon equipment.

STICKS FOR FRAMES: - Any wood, except the hardwoods, may be used for frames, but spruce is best.

INTERMEDIATE AND HIGH SCHOOL BOYS: - All intermediate boys are eligible and all high school boys who have been in a grade school since last tournament, may enter from such school. Look up some of your kite makers.

KITES: - All should be encouraged to make and fly a kite, even if not for a prize. Make it a kite flying day for your school.

EXTRA PARTS: - Boys should bring along an extra stick and some paper in case of accident to kite.

NEW INVENTIONS: = Special new features will be recognized if they have real merit.

PRIZES: - Ribbon badges and diplomas will be awarded as in former years.

ORGANIZE: - Distribute your efforts over many events.

REGISTRATION: - Send in registration to Mr. Miller at Grand Ave. School on Friday. Give names of boys. No one will be kept out for lack of registration.

MEASURING: - Kite lines for quarter and one-eighth mile dashes and yacht race will be measured at Grand Ave. School, Thursday and Friday afternoons, April 18th and 19th.

Come one - come all.


Chas. M. MILLER.