For badges, we use a celluloid button, with our own cut, the ribbon attached has printing in black. The officers get yellow, the first prize, blue, the second, red. Some years we have used different colored buttons, this year the buttons were all yellow, the ribbons, yellow, red, and blue.

See the street car officials in order that they may plan accommodations for the day. Instructions are posted for the car men by the officials, that consideration be given to the boys with their kites and in most cases the men have been very helpful in this respect. Of course large kites cannot be taken on the street car. A great many are taken to the field in automobiles.

Just before the tournament it is rather difficult to locate the boys making their kites, as they work in secluded places, but if you know of some that are making progress, a photograph by the newspaper men will add considerable zest to the advertising side of preparations.

Get your school officials enthusiastic first, and get their cooperation in encouraging the undertaking, for it is a great school social gathering and should be made worth while. Then boost for it. Demonstrate by making or flying a kite, and the boys will take care of the rest.