Dr. Waugh's Baking Powder

Use Dr. Waugh's Baking Powder.

It May Not Matter To Any Man, Woman, Or Child That we Sell More Tea In SINGLE POUNDS Than all others put together in N.S.W., But It Does Matter To Them Whether They Drink Tea That Is Beneficial, Or That Which Is Not; So Our Secret Of Success Lies In The Fact That All Our Teas Are Pure Nourishing Delicious Tastes Differ, So We Have Four Different Blends At 1/-, 1/3,1/6,1/9 Per Lb., But Only One Quality, The Best!

Write For Samples Or Price Lists, Free - Or Better Still, Send For One Pound Of Our Pure Tea.

Quantities At Reduced Rates. Delivered Free.

Murrell Bros., 509, George St., Sydney, Murrell Bros,, 140, King St., Newtown, Murrell Bros,, 279, Darling St., Balmain, How Do You Do?

Quite Well, Thank You. I Eat


Bread, Porridge, And Biscuits Too.

By Royal

Letters Patent.

"NARRU" is a preparation of Wheaten Meal, especially prepared to meet the requirements of the Australian climate, a concentrate of Germ and Gluten (the Phosphorus and Albuminoids of Wheat), the most nutritious products nature has stored in wheat, and which no other farinaceous food contains in nearly so large a per centage. "Narru" should command the patronage and recommendation of the Medical Profession. "NaRRU" is good for adults and children, especially suitable for invalids and those suffering from weak digestions. "Narru" will be found cooling to the human system, and a boon to those who suffer from dyspepsia and constipation. "Narru" constitutes an important article of diet for City, Bush, and Ocean Life. The United States Milling World, January 2, 1893, states "that about 99 per cent, of Oatmeal eaters are dyspeptics," a spreading conviction of the fallacy of Oatmeal as a universal diet.

"NARRU" Porridge Meal, in 2 & 4-lb. pkts., sold by all Grocers. "NARRU" Digestive Bread, baked daily by all leading Bakers.

Wholesale Agents:

James Amos & Sons, Flour Merchants, 218, Sussex St., Under Vice-Regal and

Distinguished Patronage.

The Ladies' Gymnasium (Established, Melbourne, 1879).

Sydney - Hyde Park.

(Under Unitarian Church.)

Principal: Miss H. Elphinstone Dick.