is an established Institute for Physical Culture, having thoroughly efficient Instructors and the best Apparatus. It compares favourably with kindred establishments in Europe and America, visitors from Home recognising in its system and appliances the latest improvements. Children are here provided with the means of developing those physical powers which are essential to a sound Education, and, failing which, mental progress is too often accomplished at the expense of health.

Owing to various causes girls are very liable to Spinal Deformities, Muscular Weaknesses, and Contractions - shown in mal-posture - for which the rational treatment is to restore the balance of power by developing the weak muscles and relaxing the contracted ones. Professor Ling's System of Curative Movements (active and passive), directed by later science, and in conjunction with Massage, is acknowledged to be the only treatment for Muscular Deformities. The leading Medical Men support this view by constantly placing with Miss Dick such cases, which she is qualified to treat by her knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, and by long experience, supplementing the special training she received from Dr. Roth (of Old Cavendish Street, London), from whom she holds a Certificate. Infantile Paralysis, Arrested Development, Spinal Weakness and Curvature, Contracted Tendons, Weak and Stiff Joints, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Pulmonary Weakness, Asthma, and many other forms of ill-health are cured or benefited by prescribed movements.

Gymnastic Class, 1 1s. per quarter; Patients, 2 2s. to 5 5s. Circulars Posted.