Owing to perfect arrangements in the FISH AND GAME DEPARTMENT, the Company are now supplying FISH to an enormous section of the inhabitants of the City and residents in every country town of New South Wales (as a matter of fact, to many towns outside, notably Brisbane).

A telegraph order from any country town, despatched before I p.m. (provided the Telegraph Department do their part), is certain of execution by mail train same day; and, as fish is carried at half parcels rates - equal to about d. per lb. for the most distant towns - the luxury of a fish diet is within the reach of all, the F. F. & I. Co.'s prices (free on rail) being extremely moderate. We prepay trainage, thereby effecting a saving of 50 per cent.

The Company stock all kinds of English, New Zealand, and New South Wales fish, also some American kinds, notably Salmon.

Price Lists and all information can be obtained on application at the Company's Depot, 135, King Street, or from the Manager, New South Wales Fresh Food and Ice Company, Limited, 25 to 33, Harbour Street.


We shall be pleased for visitors from the country to inspect our refrigerating establishment at Harbour Street. Application at the Head Office will, at any time, ensure admission to the Works - without doubt the most extensive and expansive of their kind in the world.

The Company deliver, daily, to all parts of the City, Suburbs, and Country,

Milk, Ice, Cream, Butter, Poultry, Fish, Game, Pastry, Etc.

Hy. Pateson, Manager. 25 To 33,. Harbour Street, Sydney.