mater dolorosa. (Guido Rent)

Mater Dolorosa. (Guido Rent)

It Is Finished

It Is Finished.


The seventeenth act of the Passion Play is devoted to the scene of the Resurrection. Four Roman soldiers are seen watching at the door of the sepulchre in which the body of Jesus has been placed. At first they discuss the earthquake and other strange phenomena connected with the crucifixion; but finally they fall asleep, and all is still. Suddenly a crash like a thunder-peal is heard; the door of the sepulchre falls prostrate, and for an instant Maier is seen within the doorway, clad in a glittering mantle, and with a look of triumph on his pallid face. The next moment, two gilded gates spring from the tomb on either side, and make before him a dazzling screen of light. Another instant, and they are thrown back again. But the Christ is gone. We have beheld the vision of the Resurrection.

At The Feet Of Mary

At The Feet Of Mary.

Bearing The Body To The Tomb

Bearing The Body To The Tomb.

The Resurrection

The Resurrection.

Before the last act of the drama, the chorus enters on the stage to sing a hymn of exultation, the spirit of which is expressed in the joyful words: "Hallelujah! For the Lord is now risen!" When, at the conclusion of the song, the chorus as usual falls back to the right and left, there is seen in the background a representation of the Ascension, as the Christ, standing upon a slight elevation, gives to his Mother and disciples his blessing and farewell. Nevertheless the real climax of the Passion Play is reached beside the cross of Calvary. The subsequent scenes of the Resurrection and Ascension, although well given, are comparatively unimpressive. But that which will remain forever in the memory is the expressive, noble face of Maier on the cross. To-day, although four thousand miles from that idyllic village on the heights, its influence is with me still, and even now, whenever I recall those gentle features, I feel as if some spirit from a better world were breathing on my soul its benediction.

The Ascension

The Ascension.

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