Range. - Pacific coast of America from Lower California to Panama. The Least Petrel is the smallest of this family, in length measuring only 5.75 inches. Their plumage is entirely dark sooty. They have been found breeding on San Benito Island, Lower California, and they probably do on others farther south. The single egg that this bird lays is white with a wreath of fine black specks around one and sometimes both ends. Data. - San Benito Is., Lower California, June 12, 1897. No nest, the egg being simply laid on the bare rock in a crevice. Size 1.00 x .75. Collector, A. W. Anthony.

Least Petrel. Stormy Petrel. Forked tailed Petrel

Least Petrel. Stormy Petrel. Forked-tailed Petrel.