Range. - North Pacific from California to Alaska, breeding in the Aleutians.

These birds have a plumage of bluish gray, the wings being darker and the underparts lightest. The nests are made in burrows or crevices in the banks. Data. - Uniak Is., Alaska, June 10, 1900. No nest. Single egg laid at the end of a burrow. Several pairs nesting near. Egg white with a fine wreath of purplish black specks about the large end. Size 1.25 x .95.

Least Petrel. Stormy Petrel. Forked tailed Petrel

Least Petrel. Stormy Petrel. Forked-tailed Petrel.

105 Forked Tailed Petrel Oceanodroma Fareata 178Tube Nosed Swimmers

Tube-Nosed Swimmers.

105.2. Kaeding's Petrel. Oceanodroma Kaedingi

This bird is similar to Leach Petrel, but is smaller and the tail is less deeply forked. Its range is from California to Panama breeding on the Revillagigedo Islands off Mexico.

Kaeding's Petrel. Leach's Petrel. Guadalupe Petrel

Kaeding's Petrel. Leach's Petrel. Guadalupe Petrel.