Range. - Widely distributed in the tropical seas, north casually to Florida and breeding in the Bahamas.

Like the rest of the Gannets, this one is stupid and will often remain on the nest until removed with the hand, merely hissing at the intruder. Often they lay their eggs on the bare ground, but sometimes the nest is lined with seaweed or grass. They lay either one or two eggs early in April. These eggs are of a dull white color and are heavily covered with a chalky deposit. Size 2.50 x 1.70. Data. - Clarion Is., Mexico, May 24, 1897. Nest a mere hollow in the sand near the beach. Collector, A. W. Anthony.

114.1. Blue-Footed Booby. Sula Nebouxi

Range. - Pacific coasts and islands from the Gulf of California southward to Chili.

These birds nest in numbers on the island of San Pedro Martir in the Gulf of California. They lay but a single egg, placing it upon the bare rock. Their breeding season extends from the latter part of March into May. The egg is a dull white, generally nest stained and is covered with the usual chalky deposit. Size 2.35 x 1.60. Data. - Clarion Island, Mexico, May 21, 1897. Two eggs in a hollow in the sand near the beach A. W. Anthony.

Collector, Blue faced Booby. Blue footed Booby

Collector, Blue-faced Booby. Blue-footed Booby.

114 1 Blue Footed Booby Sula Nebouxi 199114 1 Blue Footed Booby Sula Nebouxi 200