Range. - Tropical coasts and islands of the Atlantic; north casually to Georgia.

The common Booby is an abundant bird on some of the islands of the Bahamas and Bermudas; it is commonly called the Brown Booby because the upper parts are of a brownish gray. These birds, as do the other Gannets, have great powers of flight and without apparent effort dart about with the speed of an arrow. They are quite awkward upon their feet and are not very proficient swimmers. They rarely rest upon the water except when tired. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of them breed in company, laying their eggs upon the bare rocks. Sometimes a few sticks or grasses will be placed about the bird to prevent the eggs from rolling away. They generally lay two eggs, chalky white and nest stained. Size 2.40 x 1.60. Data. - Key West, Bahamas, April 14, 1891. No nest; two eggs laid on the bare rocks.

Booby Red footed Booby

Booby Red-footed Booby.

Chalky bluish white, nest stained

Chalky bluish white, nest stained.

115.1. Brewster's Booby. Sula Brewsteri

Range. - Pacific coast from Lower California southward. This Gannet replaces the common Booby on the Pacific coast. It nests abundantly on many islands in the Gulf of California, and in company with the blue-footed variety, on San Pedro Martir Island. They generally lay two eggs, placing them upon the bare rocks and surrounding them with a ring of sticks and seaweed to keep them in place. The eggs are chalky white and cannot be distinguished from those of the other Boobies. Data. - San Benedicto Is., Lower California, May 18, 1897. Single egg laid on the sand amid a few blades of grass.