Range. - Eastern North America, breeding from the middle portions north to the Hudson Bay territory and Labrador.

Throughout their breeding region, one or more pairs of these ducks nest in nearly every favorable locality. Their nests are placed on the ground in marshes, swamps or fields bordering a pond or lake, the nest being concealed in the long grass or reeds. They breed in equal abundance, either in the interior or along the sea coast; in the latter case their nests are often placed beside of, or under an overhanging rock. It is made of weeds, grass and moss and is lined with feathers and down. They lay from six to twelve eggs during May and June; these are buff or greenish buff in color. Size 2.30 x 1.70. Data. - Duck Is., Maine, June 3, 1893. Nest of grasses, concealed in a large tuft on water's edge.

Pale greenish buff

Pale greenish buff.

Black Duck. Florida Duck

Black Duck. Florida Duck.