Range. - Florida and the Gulf of the Mississippi.

This is a similar, lighter colored, locally distributed race of the foregoing. The most noticeable difference in plumage between this and the Black Duck is the absence of markings on the chin. The habits are the same, and the eggs, which are deposited in April, are similar to those of the Black Duck, but smaller. Size 2.15 x 1.60.

134 Florida Duck Anas Fulvigula Fulvigula 241134 Florida Duck Anas Fulvigula Fulvigula 242Black Duck. Florida Duck

Black Duck. Florida Duck.

134a. Mottled Duck. Anas Fulvigula Maculosa

Range. - Gulf coast of Texas and up the Mississippi Valley to Kansas.

The habits of this bird differ in no way from the preceding ones. The six to ten eggs are greenish buff in color. Size 2.15 x 1.55.