Range. -• Northern Hemisphere, breeding in America, chiefly in the United States and north to Manitoba, chiefly in the interior.

Gadwall Widgeon

Gadwall. Widgeon.

Creamy buff

Creamy buff.

South in winter to the Gulf. The males of these birds may be identified by the white speculum and the chestnut wing coverts. Gadwalls nest on the ground among the reeds of marshes or in the long grass of bordering fields; they make little or no nest but line the cavity with down from their breasts. They lay from seven to twelve eggs of a creamy buff color. Size 2.10 x 1.60. Data. - Benson Co., North Dakota, June 19, 1898. Eight eggs. Nest on the ground among rank grass on a low island in Devils Lake. Made of weeds lined with down. Collector, E. S. Rolfe.