Range. - North America, breeding in the interior from Texas north to Hudson Bay.

The Baldpate (so-called because of the white 2rown) or American Widgeon is a handsomely marked bird and is regarded as a great table delicacy. The male birds cannot be mistaken for any other species because of the white crown, wing coverts and underparts and the broad green stripe, back of the eye. They breed locally in many parts of the country, building their nests of grass and weeds, neatly lined with feathers, on the ground in marshes. They lay from six to twelve creamy eggs. Size 2.15 x 1.50. Data. - Lac Aux Morts, North Dakota. Eight eggs. Nest of grass and down on ground in a grassy meadow. Collector, E. S. Bryant.

Baldpate Green winged Teal

Baldpate. Green-winged Teal.

Creamy white

Creamy white.