An old world species that is casually found on both coasts of America.

139. Green-Winged Teal. Nettion Carolinense

Range. - Whole of North America, breeding chiefly north of the United States.

A small, handsome species, the male of which can readily be identified by the reddish brown head and neck, with the large green patch behind each ear; length fourteen inches. Green-winged Teals are our smallest representative of the Duck family. They are eagerly sought by sportsmen, both because of their beauty and the excellence of their flesh. They are among the most common of Ducks in the interior, where they nest generally in tufts of grass along ponds, lakes or brooks. Nest of grass and weeds, lined with down from the bird. Eggs buffy, four to ten in number. Size 1.85 x 1.25.

Baldpate Green winged Teal

Baldpate. Green-winged Teal.

139 Green Winged Teal Nettion Carolinense 249


139 Green Winged Teal Nettion Carolinense 250