Range. - North America, breeding in the interior, from North Dakota and Washington northward. Winters from Maryland on the east and British Columbia on the west to Central America.

Lesser Scaup Duck. Ring necked Duck

Lesser Scaup Duck. Ring-necked Duck.

Lead gray

Lead gray.

Similar to the Lesser Scaup in size and plumage, except that it has a narrow chestnut collar around the neck, the back is black instead of barred with white, and the speculum is gray instead of white. The habits and nesting habits of the Ring-neck do not differ from those of the other Scaups. They lay from six to twelve eggs. Size 2.25 x 1.60. Data. - Cape Bathurst, N. Y. T., June 18, 1901. Ten eggs in a slight hollow in the moss, lined with down. Collector, Captain Bodfish.

150 Ring Necked Duck Marila Collaris 269150 Ring Necked Duck Marila Collaris 270