Range. - North America, breeding both on the coast and in the interior, from the northern border of the United States northward to the Arctic Ocean.

These are handsome Ducks known as "Whistlers" from the noise of their wings when flying, and "Greatheads" because of the puffy crest. The head is greenish with a large round white spot in front of, and a little below the eye. The rest of the plumage is black and white. This species nests in hollow trees near the water, lining the cavity with grass, moss and leaves, and lining the nest with down from their breasts. In May and June they lay from six to ten eggs of a grayish green color. Size 2.30 x 1.70.

Grayish green

Grayish green.

American Golden eye. Barrow Golden eye

American Golden-eye. Barrow Golden-eye.