Range. - Arctic regions in America, chiefly on the Aleutian Islands and northwest coast of Alaska.

A very beautiful species eighteen inches long; head white, washed with greenish on the forehead and nape; chin, throat, neck, hack, tail and crissum, black; underparts chestnut; wing coverts white, the long scapulars black and white. It breeds on the rocky coasts and islands of Bering Sea. The six to nine eggs are pale olive green in color. Size 2.25 x 1.60. Data. - Admiralty Bay, Alaska, June 22, 1898. Nest on a hum-mock of the tundra, near a small pool, lined with grass and down. Collector, E. A. Mcllhenny.

Steller's Duck. Spectacled Eider

Steller's Duck. Spectacled Eider.