Range. - Coast of Alaska from the Aleutians to Point Barrow.

Pale olive green

Pale olive green.

Like the rest of the true Eiders, this species is black beneath and mostly white above. The head is largely washed with sea green, leaving a large patch of white, narrowly bordered by black around each eye, thus resembling a pair of spectacles. The nests are made of grass and seaweed and lined with down; they are placed on the ground in clumps of grass or beneath overhanging stones. The five to nine eggs are an olive drab or greenish color. Size 2.70 x 1.85. Data. - Point Barrow, Alaska, June 15, 1898. Six eggs. Nest of moss and down in a hollow in dry tundra. Collector, E. A. Mcllhenny.

Steller's Duck. Spectacled Eider

Steller's Duck. Spectacled Eider.